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Staff Picks: Penn State Hot Takes

There are a few sure things at Penn State: Jahan Dotson is the best receiver in college football, the cocktagon is one of the greatest additions to tailgates, and Willard Preacher will never take a day off.

However, there are a few things about Dear Old State that may cause some debate. Our staff collected its thoughts and offered some ~hot takes~ about Penn State that may or may not spur up some debates about sports, campus life, and even food options downtown.

Owen Abbey: Penn State Football Jerseys Are Boring

The one word that I would use to describe Penn State’s jerseys is the one word it willingly uses: basic. Blue and white just aren’t fun colors to stare at all the time, and I don’t get hype seeing them at all. Why can’t Penn State have fun jersey designs?

The answer is “tradition,” which is a horrible answer. Tradition should be changed when it gets way too old. It’s not to say that Penn State should radically change its colors, but there should be more variation in what jerseys the team wears. Wouldn’t it be cool to wear a pink and black jersey like men’s basketball does?

Let’s create some excitement and add more jersey combos to the wardrobe. Maybe, just maybe, it can muster up some new energy to win some big games.

Michael Tauriello: The HUB Is A Terrible Place To Study 

Each day, hundreds (thousands?) of students flock to the HUB. Sometimes, it’s to the long tables by Starbucks or Hibachi-San, the smaller tables by the High School Musical steps, or the tables on the upper levels. There’s plenty of places to go in the HUB to have a seat, eat, socialize, or study.

However, I find it horribly difficult to do the latter of those options. I’m not sure how people can zone in to study there. There’s simply too much going on, and it’s just too noisy. If you decide to go with a friend to study at the HUB, chances are you’ll be inclined to eat and socialize like other students around you. I see people study in the HUB when I’m walking through the building, and I just don’t know how they do it. I need some peace and quiet to get stuff done!

Larkin Richards: Penn State Hoops > Football

I’ll say it. I will die on this hill, but Penn State basketball is more enjoyable than football. I totally understand the hype around football, but if we break it down, it really dies down after the first three or four games. It gets cold outside, the timeouts seem longer, the student section can either be way too crowded or not filled enough, and so on. The list could simply go on.

With basketball, it’s so much more of an intimate experience. For starters, we are inside and have no fear of rain. But being inside, we have the option to genuinely bond with the students around us. It’s so awesome hearing a player get absolutely smack-talked by the person next to you. It’s a nice laugh to share. On top of that, the seats, no matter where you are, are impeccable. You are so close to the game that you can feel the excitement on the court. The cheering inside BJC shakes your core. Watching your team sink shot after shot with a student section like ours is an out-of-body experience. Penn State basketball is exciting with big recruits coming in and a new coach wanting to get to know our environment.

Again, I love Penn State football, but basketball brings out a totally new side of pride we have. If we want to get technical, tickets to each game are $5. Season tickets are only $35. It’s a win-win when attending Penn State basketball.

Colleen Nersten: “We Are!” Chants Are Cringe

There’s something about yelling “We Are!” that really gives me the ick. It’s loud, obnoxious, and meaningless. We are what? I truly don’t understand what “We Are…Penn State” means sometimes.

If I’m caught wearing a Penn State shirt in a random state, I’d rather someone give me a nod or fist bump than shout across an airport that forces me to awkwardly respond with “Penn State.”

Tobey Prime: Canyon Pizza Is Actually Good

Canyon is a State College staple that feeds hundreds of drunk mouths on any given weekend. With its perfect location, late hours, and cheap prices, it is no question that many Penn Staters stumble their way into this pizza joint.

However, Canyon Pizza is so much more than cheap pizza — it’s actually good cheap pizza. We here at State College have disappointing options when it comes to good and reasonably priced pizza. Snap Pizza may be one of my favorite spots, but it costs me an arm and a leg just to get my own personal pie.

I don’t know if Canyon changed its recipe since my first year, but man — I was impressed with what Canyon brought to tastebuds this year. Plus, it is the cheapest pizza on the market! It’s honestly a win-win situation, and I am proud to say that I enjoy its pizza, even when I am sober.

Frankie Marzano: Men’s & Women’s Basketball Should Move Back To Rec Hall

First of all, congratulations to the Bryce Jordan Center for 25 years of operation. It’s really an outstanding achievement. Unfortunately, the arena doesn’t make the best setting for basketball. There’s something about an intimate, crowded venue that makes for a great college basketball atmosphere. With the support from students that both teams already get, Rec Hall’s student section could even turn into something like Duke’s Cameron Crazies if the Nittany Lions make the move back to Rec Hall.

Matt DiSanto: The Library’s Front Is On Curtin Road

That’s right. I said what I said. Where do you fall on this debate, huh?

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