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Emma Dieter

Emma is a senior from the ever-popular "right-outside" Philly area studying labor employment relations and PR. She's also the Student Life editor for Onward State. She has been a Penn Stater from cradle and will continue to bleed blue and white, 'til grave. She loves trashy romance novels, watching Netflix, and crying over cute videos of dogs. If you ever want to talk more with her about how great she is, or simply have other inquiries, feel free to email her at [email protected]


What To Do With Your Cardboard Cut-Out Heads After THON

Almost as common as the giant, floating Greek letters are the cardboard cut outs of dancers heads spread throughout the BJC.


All The Deals THON Dancers Can Take Advantage Of This Week

You did an amazing thing #FTK, and your efforts should be rewarded.


Where Would You Go With THON’s Free Trip Raffle Prize?

We spent some time early Sunday morning asking people around the concourse where they would go if they won the $4,000 trip.


An Ode To Creamery Ice Cream For Providing Me With Sweet Nourishment At THON

Shall I compare thee to the Dippin' Dots stand charging deprived patrons $7 a pop? I think I shall.


THON 2020 Spectator BINGO

Try your best to get five in a row, or go for the whole board.


Your Complete Guide To THON Committee Shirt Colors

Each committee's unique THON shirt color makes it easy to identify its members, but decoding this 12-color rainbow can still be difficult at times. Here's a complete guide to THON committees through their shirt colors to help you match the shirt to the group.

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