IFC Trains Greeks on Planning the Perfect Party

This past Sunday, the Interfraternity Council (IFC) hosted its second of two events as part of its Social Policy training. This event was titled, “The Perfect Party Training Session.” According to the IFC Press Release, authored by Zachary Meli (senior – economics), IFC Vice President for Communications:

IFC Executives worked with the brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) fraternity, who offered their chapter house as a host site for the event. The purpose of the training session was to continue instruction in risk and event management and provide a visual of a social function that strictly observes the IFC Social Policy.

Zack invited me to observe the session that was held for the Greek Monitoring Team (GMT) [three separate demonstrations were held throughout the evening for the GMT, Social Chairs, and Chapter Presidents]. After observing the event, one can understand that the IFC is looking to better all social events (held by the Greek Community) for the guests of the function as well as the hosting fraternity/sorority chapter.

Key points made throughout the evening included having individually packaged snacks, iced bottled water, effective entrances/exits, and a good overall appearance of the bar area. Having an event that contains these amenities obviously results in a better time for the guests and less hassle for the members of the hosting chapter.

Personally, I feel that these changes are great since I haven’t really seen these types of things available at Greek functions. Have you seen any of these amenities already? What else do you think would benefit Greek functions?

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