Vatican Astrobiology Conference: Copernicus Not Invited

etPenn State professor of geosciences, James Kasting, was recently one of thirty scientists invited to attend a three-day conference at the Vatican. The topic? The existence of extraterrestrial life and the emerging field of astrobiology.


Is it just me, or does the Church seem like an unlikely host for this conference?

Once he’s done convincing the Church of the existence of Martians, Professor Kasting has a few other little side projects lined up:

  • Convincing the Vatican the Earth is NOT the center of the universe
  • Convincing Osama Bin Laden to invest in a McDonald’s franchise
  • Convincing the BCS to go to a playoff system
  • Convincing the BCS that we deserve the Orange Bowl
  • Convincing the country that Sarah Palin is not “all that”
  • Convincing the economy to bounce back


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