Hipsters Unite – For Free!

pactour.jpgA mass gathering of skinny jeans, plaid shirts, and v-necks could only mean one thing: a free concert at the HUB. Last night, PacSun’s PacTour stopped halfway through their forty-five day jaunt to put on a free show in Alumni Hall. Eh, allow me to swap words – I’m not sure it could really be called a ‘show’. Let’s call it a “mini music marathon.” Yes, over a four-hour span, five, count ‘em, five bands took the makeshift, smoke laden stage.

An Early Ending kicked off the night, with a heaaaavy five song set. The crowd was stiffer than a morgue freezer. To the band’s credit, it was only seven o’clock and people were still trickling in. Regardless, they played a tight set and the crowd (especially they hunnies) let them know it. After an uncomfortably long intermission, Eye Alaska took over. Probably one of the most interesting sounding bands I’ve ever heard. It was a seamless orgy of rock, pop, R&B, and gospel harmony – the kind of music you want on the soundtrack to a movie about your life. Finalllllly, the crowd started to get into it.

As the next act took the stage, Minneapolis-raised rapper P.O.S suggested anybody who was not a “fan of rap” leave the room. He made light of microphone problems and left the crowd screaming for more – literally. His heavy rock to rap fusion kept even the hippest of hipsters inside the venue. Crowd response was incredible (I haven’t heard such crowd participation since the Indiana game. Seriously.).

Innerpartysystem had a tough act to follow, but to say they “manned up” would be an understatement. They put on a techno laser show that would roll with the likes of Pink Floyd’s. It’s a miracle that I escaped without going into an epileptic seizure. A sweaty crowd finally graduated from slight mosh to crowd surfing. The lead singer claimed it was “the craziest shit” he has seen on tour yet.

After a loud but exhausting three hours, the wait for Saosin was over. Anybody sleeping within a two-mile radius was awoken with the start of their set. Well worth the wait. They band was surprisingly energetic; feeding off of the energy of the crowd and one another. Saosin were by far the cleanest band of the night – very deserving of their headlining spot.

A successful night; I almost felt guilty that it was free. Almost. Though I probably stuck out like a sore thumb, I felt welcomed in the sweaty mess of oversized beanies and black-rimmed glasses. Ultra props to The Asylum for bringing such a unique line-up at such a wallet friendly price (FREEEEE). If you happened to miss last night’s show, the tour continues tonight in Allentown. Do I smell a road trip? Eh, maybe I just need to shower.

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