THON in Review

We danced, cried, and suffered from sleep deprivation, but we did it all For The Kids. Our dancers, committee members, canning specialists, and everyone in between amassed $7,838,054 to fight pediatric cancer. Amazing work, folks.

Onward State THONward State documented the tidal waves of emotion for over 46 hours.  Coincidentally, we wrote over 46 posts during that time.

See the epic THON 2010 Live Blog for the blow-by-blow account. Grab a hankie and relive Family Hour. See THON through the eyes of the delirious-yet-dedicated dancers. View the bedazzling slideshow of the pep rally. Learn the full lyrics to the celebrated line dance. Get a glimpse of the kooky costumes.

Meet the team from Penn State Harrisburg. Get the lowdown on the Public Relations Committee. Catch up with FIJI dancer Carter Satterfield. Meet the dedicated THONers from ΣΧ and ΑΟΠ. Get to know Atlas, the top independent THON team. Discover why we dance. And so, so much more.

THON is Penn State. We are Penn State. We are THON.

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