Where to Catch Rays at PSU

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. The sun is out, the mercury is rising in the thermometers, bikes are everywhere, and of course every square inch of grass is covered with students at varying levels of undress. Whether you want to work on your tan, read a book, study, or throw a frisbee around, the spot you choose is a key part of the fun. Concerned about where to position yourself? Fear not, for Onward State is providing you with this easy list of locations.

  • HUB lawn – Arguably the most densely populated piece of greenery during a hot day, the HUB lawn is ideal for grabbing some Panda Express and eating outside.  It’s also great for suntanning, as there’s not much shade. With all the open space, it’s a great area to throw a frisbee/football/koosh ball around and not working about tripping over any bikini-clad girls (or guys). The drawback is that it’s almost impossible to do any work here. The combination of direct sunlight and commotion everywhere are no help. My record: 10 pages of reading in 3 hours.
  • Old Main lawn – this area’ is great because of its diversity. The sections that are shaded have great benches and are perfect for reading. Other areas (closer to Old Main) are wide open, and are great for tanning and pick-up games of football and frisbee. Generally uncrowded, this is arguably the best overall area. One downside – there’s usually pretty heavy traffic of people going to and from classes.
  • (Insert housing commons) quad – there’s nothing better than walking outside of your dorm and seeing dozens of people laying out. While great for suntanning and socializing, the quads aren’t the best for tossing around a frisbee/football on a crowded day. I’m sure almost everyone has tripped or has seen someone else trip over a lounging student.
  • Schreyer garden – this is a hidden gem. Located at the base of the HUB lawn, this shaded garden has enough benches to accommodate the few intrepid travelers who have discovered its riches. It’s a great place to study: quiet, uncrowded, and shaded.

Well, there you have it. A complete list of places you should be instead of indoors reading this post. Get out there– NOW!


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