Penn State Love Stories: A Blue Band Introduction

Kim Cassano came to Penn State intending to follow in her brother’s footsteps. Brian Cassano was a clarinet guide with his friend Ryan Stahl when his sister auditioned for the Blue Band in August 2009.

Through the audition process, and through her brother, Kim was introduced to Stahl. He was the first person she met at Penn State and little did she know, he would become the most important as well. Her Blue Band audition was a success, and the ground work was laid — they were both members of the Blue Band.

Love StoriesThe two were friendly with each other over the course of the semester, but were nothing more than acquaintances. Their relationship continued this way until just after Thanksgiving break, when things changed.

Stahl was decorating his Christmas tree in North Halls when Cassano decided to join him.The two spent that night talking till 4 a.m. and decided to spend more time together after that. In April 2010, they began officially dating.

Stahl graduated a year later in Spring 2011. The two began a long distance relationship as he pursued his Master’s degree at Michigan State and Cassano remained in Happy Valley.

Cassano graduated from Penn State in December 2012, but her graduation was slightly different than Stahl’s. Stahl made the trip to be there for her graduation, and ended up proposing in front of the Arboretum.

unnamedOn June 28, 2014 Kim Cassano became Kim Stahl at a very Penn State-themed wedding. They now live in Chesterfield, Virgina with their two cats Buster and Berry.unnamed-1

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