Penn State Ranked Top-30 LGBTQA-Friendly University

Penn State is constantly beaming with pride, and the university is again being recognized for these efforts. Penn State was officially ranked in the top 30 for LGBTQA-friendly colleges and universities in 2016.

The rating is published by Campus Pride and includes schools with student populations of 807 to 45,000, private and public institutions alike. Penn State was also included in the 2015 ranking for top 30 and shares the title this year with schools such as Cornell, UCLA, Princeton, and the University of Maine.

“Now more than ever, there are colleges that are recruiting LGBTQA youth – and they are investing in a campus that is fully supportive of LGBTQA students,” Executive Director of Campus Pride Shane Windmeyer said in a press release. “This Top 30 list showcases those ‘Top’ campuses leading the way.”

Penn State’s LGBTQA center is headed by Alison Subasic, who has been the director since 2001.

“I have been working in higher education for over fifteen years and I honor my position and responsibility to support students in their growth and development as individuals in their personal life, academic life and professional life,” Subasic writes on the LGBTQA website.

The group is planning a Rainbow Retreat September 9-11. The retreat is a three-day event to facilitate growth among aspiring leaders in the LGBTQA community.

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