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Nittany Quickie: Episode Seven

You thought we were done with episode six? Well, good news for all you freaks out there — you thought wrong. No Penn State classroom, dorm, or field is safe from the dirty deed. Keep the hook-ups coming, because they certainly don’t disappoint.

Getting Sacked in Sackett

“Neither of us had tickets to the football game, so we decided to tailgate at Café all day. After a few too many teas, things started to get frisky and we decided to head home. Walking back to my apartment from Café, I (kind of) jokingly drunkenly mentioned to my alumni boyfriend that I thought it would be fun to hook up in a classroom. After telling me I was crazy and he never would have done this as a student, he led me into Sackett (the closest building to Café) and after walking into a classroom hosting a physics review session, we went to another classroom. After locking the door and doing the dirty, we walked out to a full hallway of students coming from the review session we walked in on earlier. Oops. We weren’t ‘caught’ but they definitely knew what had gone on.”

Who needs football tickets when you can score a touchdown of your own in an old engineering building?

TA Timeout 

“It was Sunday before finals week last spring semester. I was studying with classmates all day and we had locked the door so we could have the room to ourselves and be uninterrupted. Eventually, the guy whom I was dating at the time came to help me with some work, and soon my friends left us. Upon their leaving, we were jokingly told to ‘christen’ the room. I was never planning to do such a thing, but after we finished all my work, there we were alone in a locked room with nothing to do. After he helped me finish my work, I was so happy to be done. We started kissing, things heated up, and we decided to turn off the lights and move some desks around. Then…yada yada yada…and we started putting our clothes back on.

Suddenly, we heard a key in the lock and the door opened. Since I was topless I turned my back and didn’t see who it was. Whoever opened the door quickly realized what was happening, shut it, and left. We frantically put clothes back on, picked up our stuff and went to the door. I had him check to see if the coast was clear because I didn’t want to run into anyone in my small department. He said it was fine, so I left the room, and the second I stepped foot in the hallway, my TA rounded the corner and was walking straight towards us. Luckily there was a stairwell immediately to my right, so I looked down to avoid eye contact and we ran as fast as we could out of the building. When walking around the other side of the building, we saw my TA again by one of the entrances, talking to an auxiliary police officer. We quickly and quietly left the scene.

The next morning I had to take a final at 8 a.m. in that classroom. A couple desks were still askew, and I couldn’t look anybody in the eye. I ran into my TA the next day. He didn’t say anything about what happened, but it was incredibly awkward. I hope I never see him again. Other than that, hooking up on campus was one of the most fun things I have done in college. I highly recommend, especially with the right person. #NoRagrets.”

All we can say is thankfully this was at the end of the semester and not at the beginning, otherwise you may have had a few #Ragrets.

A Man And His Podcasts

“It was during fall semester, when walking around at night with a dress and no coat on can be deadly. I remember sitting in a circle smoking out of a hookah with my friends when I get a text to meet this guy I’ve been talking to for a week or so to come hangout with his buddies. I say goodbye to my friends and wonder out into the dark cold night. Fifteen minutes into this walk I finally find the guy and he takes me back to his place. Turns out his friends were not at his apartment and they all went home. We ended up drinking some more beer, ordering Wings Over, and watching Netflix. After we did the deed we decided to go to bed…he turns over to me and proceeds to tell me he can’t fall asleep without listening to podcasts. So here I am trying to sleep as he listens to this weird sports podcast at three in the morning. I woke up the next morning and was on a mission to leave his place. It took me ages to find my way out of this giant apartment complex, to this day I still don’t know which apartment I stayed in that night.”

You know what they say: Never trust a guy who needs post-sex podcasts to fall asleep.

Hot In Holuba 

“Went with a girl to an Icers game at the old Penn State Ice Pavilion when I was a student in 2009. After cuddling and some leg rubs due to the cold we went for a walk after the game and ended up at the football facility. With the gate open we run onto the football practice field, stripping as we run and proceed to bang it out on the logo.”

For the glory?

Caught on Camera

“I ate at Moe’s and had a severe allergic reaction, including my face swelling and my throat almost closing. That was at 6:30 p.m. At around 11:30 p.m. I got a text from a girl with no words, just a location. I knew what that meant…against my better judgment, I took on the journey despite still having minor swelling in my face. Went to the girl’s location, left the party with her almost immediately. She began opening random doors, and eventually opened the laundry room. We were making out for like 15 minutes but before anything else happened, a security guard and his dog walked in and told us to break it up. Her being very drunk and not caring influenced me to not care either. As we were leaving, he said, ‘You know I can see you guys on the camera, right?’ Free show for him I guess. Anyways, after that we walked around campus a lot looking for somewhere to go because both our roommates were home. Eventually made it to a study room in East, closed the door, locked it, and went on with things while we could still hear people walking by.”

I guess neither of you are camera shy.

If you have your own story to share, don’t by shy — clearly many of you aren’t. Submit your stories here.

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