NRT Presents: ‘Lord Of The Flies’

It’s a play about the savagery of human nature. It’s also probably a book your English teacher forced you to read in high school. Nevertheless, No Refund Theatre outdid itself with its production of “Lord of the Flies.”

The show follows the saga of a group of high school-aged children who find themselves crash-landed on an unknown, mysterious island. Originally flown away to avoid the bombings and turmoil in their own country, the group now faces a new kind of personal hell attempting to survive in this unknown location. Of course, when left to their own devices, without any clear lawcode or consequences, things begin to get out of hand. They show themselves capable of performing unthinkable acts.


Jamie Saslaw, a Penn State senior and former Onward State photographer, is the director of the show. It’s only her second time ever directing a show, though she’s performed in more than 30 different plays.

“It helps being a performer when it comes to directing the show. I can understand what the actors are going through and give better feedback,” she said.

Saslaw’s first show as a director was “The Great Gatsby” her sophomore year. “I’m really big on bringing classic novels to the stage. I think it’s something people don’t get to see a lot and its brings a new perspective to the piece. It’s something really special to see unfold.”

The show features some of No Refund Theatre’s most seasoned actors. For Saslaw, the biggest challenge was getting them all together because of their busy schedules. But even this didn’t come as too much of a challenge since it enabled her to do what she loves.

“My favorite part is being able to spend four hours a day, severals days a week, for a couple months with the people I love.”


NRT will wrap up its Fall 2016 season with this rendition of William Golding’s classic novel “Lord of the Flies.” It will be presented this Thursday through Saturday at 9 p.m. in the HUB Reflex Theatre.

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