Better Know A THON Committee: Donor And Alumni Relations

We’ve already shown you what the Communications, Dancer Relations, Finance, and Merch committees look like. Now it’s time for a Penn State Dads favorite: the Donor and Alumni Relations committee.

Donor and Alumni Relations committee members can be spotted throughout the concourse wearing royal blue t-shirts. Their main job is to maintain and hopefully increase the THON total year after year. They do so by ensuring that all donors are individually thanked and are having an overall positive THON donation experience.

Members are also responsible for making sure that all of the different organizations are following THON’s fundraising rules throughout the season. But perhaps their biggest task is ensuring that THONvelopes are collected and sorted properly since they have total control over that realm of THON fundraising.

During THON weekend, committee members are tasked with providing tours for alumni and donors. They show them the ins and outs of the event so they know exactly what their money is going toward. It helps establish and secure lasting relationships with THON’s many generous donors.

The job is no easy task. Since every donor needs to be thanked, many times committee members will hand-write thank you notes to show their appreciation. Without their hard work, the THON total might not be what it is every year.

Fun Fact: The inclusion of the word “Alumni” was added a couple years ago to make graduates feel more inclined to donate to the cause.

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