[VIDEO] Zagster Bike Share Ready To Roll On Campus

Zagster is officially up and running on campus. The bike sharing company boasts user friendliness and affordability to its customers, so we tested it out to see how the service stacks up to these promises.

The Zagster app is available to both iPhone and Android users — simply download the app, set up your account and payment method, and you’re ready to go. The rate for students is currently set at $25 per year, giving them access to any of the 85 available bikes for one hour each day. Now through the end of 2017, you can use the discount code “pennstate” to receive an additional $5 off.

Think you’ll only use it once or twice? Zagster charges a flat rate of $3 an hour to anyone with an account.

Inside the app is an interactive map of all 17 bike sharing locations. Simply tap the bike number and it will unlock via your phone’s Bluetooth. When you’re finished, return your bike to any location, lock it into the station, and pull down on the orange tab to finish your ride.

Zagster Bike Share is a great option for students who don’t want to be troubled with finding a space in one of State’s many crowded bike racks.

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