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How To Take Effective Study Breaks

Time management is an essential skill for every college student. However, it is most pertinent with finals looming right around the corner when the weight of your entire course load is about to crush you. Let’s face it: You’re never going to be able to get all of your studying done in one fell swoop. It’s going to be a long process, so to avoid over-stressing yourself and to maximize productivity, be sure to use study breaks effectively.

As an expert procrastinator of efficient time management, I’m here to help my peers take full advantage of study breaks. I’ve tried everything from spending hours on Twitter to staring blankly out of the window, and I’ve found the following methods to be the most successful:

Take Infinite Buzzfeed Quizzes

Before you can possibly start to study effectively, you must know every single thing about yourself. Don’t worry! Buzzfeed quizzes will give you important information about yourself such as your age, where you’re from, your hidden talents, your best feature, which character from Stranger Things you are, etc. This is a great study break because not only does it help you find yourself, but the quizzes give you important multiple choice test practice in a low stress environment. It’s like you’re a little bit studying even when you’re not studying!

Clean Every Inch Of Your Dorm/Apartment

You were just about to sit down and actually study when you saw the pile of dishes in your sink. Now you have to put your work on pause while you clean the whole entire place. Make sure you vacuum, mop, dust, and scrub until your workplace is spotless because there’s no chance you’ll get anything done in its current condition. It’s a great way to be productive while still avoiding all of the work you’re supposed to be doing. If only you could clean those finals right off your schedule…

Watch Saquon Barkley Highlights

How can anyone expect you to focus on that physics final when you’re too sad about the likely departure of our beloved running back? Well, now you HAVE to watch every single highlight from Saquon’s career to date. Maybe then you will finally have the motivation to metaphorically hurdle your obligations the same way Saquon literally hurdled countless defenders. 

Literally Just Eat

It’s not every day you have to eat all of the non-perishables in your apartment before you head home for winter break. You already had dinner, you say? So what! You’ve already been studying all day and I an almost guarantee your rain needs some extra nourishment. Plus this one is almost like a double study break, with both the time it takes to cook or go get the food and the time it takes to eat it. If you’re really into this one, choose baking. Stress eating is fun, right?

Take A Walk

When your study grind comes to a halt or when it fails to start in the first place, one of the best ways to get the juices flowing is to take a nice, long walk. You don’t even need a particular destination or a will to live. Plus, depending on how desperate you are to dodge your responsibilities, you can opt not to look both ways when crossing the street. We’ve all joked about getting that free tuition, but perhaps now’s the time considering it might also get you out of studying altogether. I think I see a Bloop coming down College Ave. now!

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About the Author

Anthony Fiset

Anthony is a junior majoring in Economics. He, like many others, is from right outside of Philly, and by right outside of Philly, he means Pittsburgh. His only source of pride is being a lifetime Costco Executive Member. You can call him, beep him if you wanna reach him at [email protected], or follow him on Twitter @antnyfst.


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