Class of 2022 Celebrates Acceptance On Social Media

I’m sure I speak for most students and alumni when I say that the day I received my Penn State acceptance letter was one of the happiest days of my life. The large white envelope exclaiming “You Are Penn State” is a sign for applicants to rejoice — the wait is finally over!

Despite frigid temperatures this winter, letter carriers are still delivering the good news to Penn State’s Class of 2022. Sure enough, future Nittany Lions and their families took to social media to share their excitement.

Great news for this guy — one and done!

This future Penn Stater was quick to use his acceptance letter to troll his sister, a Temple student.

Acceptance letters do make dream [schools] come true!

Christmas came early in these households:

I can already tell this girl is #PSYCHED.

A proud big sister shares her brother’s excitement.

Penn State admissions knows: If you ain’t first, you’re last.

This proud mom made a heartfelt announcement…

…while this Wisconsin dad experienced B1G heartbreak.

The party didn’t stop for this family, as they were given another reason to celebrate!

And in this family, the Penn State legacy continues.

Here’s a reminder to focus on the bigger picture.

Simply put:

These future students know that the best way to express excitement — in all caps with emojis.

And Mr. D knows that a GIF is worth a thousand words!

Lastly, the Alumni Association shared this video of Jack Hertkorn letting out tears of joy after his lifelong dream of coming to Penn State came true.

Congratulations, future Penn Staters, and welcome to the family.

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