Author: Ali Richards

Ali is a copy editor for Onward State, and is currently pursuing her major in Geoscience. She's from Washington, DC (Go Caps!), enjoys gneiss rock puns, and dislikes wavy chips. You can reach her at [email protected], or follow her on Twitter @haveagneisslife.

SPA Presents Diversity On A College Campus Panel

The Discussion of Diversity on a College Campus Panel aimed to address how students can take steps to be more inclusive and diverse on campus.

I Took A ‘Shower’ In The BJC Bathroom… And It Was Disgusting

If you’re brave enough to embark on this journey, I suggest bringing an extra shirt, comb, and no shame.

TETRA Anagrams To TREAT and TATER… What’s Next?

Known for their large, light-up sign, the special interest organization has already begun stirring up trouble and switching their letters around.

Where Are You THON-ing From?

Whether you’re cheering from the stands, or watching at home on the livestream, we want to know how you’re supporting the kids.

[Live Blog] TEDxPSU 2018: Face To Face

Stay in the loop with live updates, coverage, and photos of the speakers as they take the stage for TEDxPSU 2018.

[PHOTOS] Lana Del Rey Serenades BJC With LA To The Moon Tour Performance

Del Rey’s background dancers sported Penn State hockey jerseys, and she swung over the crowd Kanye West-style on a suspended swing during the show.

Hush Room To Begin ‘Self Care Sundays’ Series

Participants can expect free coffee, hearty oatmeal, chill vibes, crafts, and hugs this Sunday. In addition, there will be (possibly grindcore) yoga and zine making.

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