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Day: January 11, 2011

Former Student Under Investigation After Arrest

Former Penn State World Campus student Emerson Begolly was arrested by the FBI last week when two agents confronted him in a parking lot near New Bethlehem, PA. The meeting was arranged in advance with help by his mother.

FBI agents Brad Orsini and Edward Daer had Mr. Begolly's mother, Joan Kowalski, pick him up on a pretense that his grandmother was sick. While stopped at a Burger King, agents identified themselves and opened the doors.

The agents, who did not have a warrant for his arrest at the time, sought to question him about web postings he had made in support of Islamic extremists. When Begolly reached for his jacket, the agents struggled to restrain him. They found a fully loaded 9-mm handgun with the safety off and a bullet the chamber in his jacket.

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Eli(on) the Issues: An Introduction

Having been with Onward State from its dorm room beginnings in November 2008, my spring semester abroad has me feeling a little out of sorts. Don't get me wrong though. While I'm looking forward to the experience, missing out on the day-to-day madness that is Onward State will be strange.

Sorting through emails, planning future coverage, and providing writer feedback took up a sizable portion of my time, as my roommates last semester can attest. While much of my new-found free time will be spent exploring Prague and the rest of Europe, Onward State, and the service it provides to the Penn State community, is very important to me.

Penn State Basketball Game to Benefit THON

Tonight at the Bryce Jordan Center, Penn State Men's Basketball will face off against #16 Illinois in its 3rd of 5 consecutive games against ranked opponents.

In addition to the intrigue that comes with playing a quality opponent, the game has added value in that all student ticket sales will go towards THON.

Tickets are $5. You can purchase on at the HUB today, or at the door tonight. So make sure you bust out your fanny packs, crazy colors and big pink Atlas hat (if you're lucky enough to have one), and head to the BJC at 9:00 to cheer on the team.

Top 5 Reasons to Join a Sorority

So, it is second semester and now that you know your way around campus, you know which professors to avoid, and what classes to take, what’s next?

You begin wondering how on earth you’re going to get involved this semester, and then you pass a table in the HUB urging you to sign up for Sorority Recruitment, and wonder, “Why should I be in a sorority?”

Check out our top five reasons for joining a sorority after the jump.

More “State” Drinking Holidays? This is Bananas!

For those who have enjoyed following the saga of failed so-called "State Drinking Holidays," it appears we can add a few more to the list. The first? Martin Luther State, Jr. Day.

To recap (partly for those only just joining this conversation and partly for my own amusement), the string of failures has included Vladentines Day, Cinco de State, and, most recently, Statetoberfest. On Saturday it looks like yet another forgettable non-holiday with an unforgettable (and humorous) name will slip past.

But don't roll your eyes and condemn this as a new low just yet. The Martin Luther State Jr. Day Facebook event has a meager 43 confirmed guests and an event creator named Aba Nana, leading me to believe that this is just a joke amongst friends at the expense of the other State Patty's wannabes. Unfortunately, the person or persons behind the Aba Nana Facebook account could not be reached for comment, so we can't be sure. But I'd say it's safe to assume this is anything but serious.

Quarterbacks Bolden, Newsome to Stay for Now

It has been a roller coster of a ride for two Penn State quarterbacks since the final regular season game against Michigan State, but it appears Rob Bolden and Kevin Newsome will both be back in blue and white for spring practices. But what happens beyond then remains unclear.

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