Bryce Jordan Center Observing Bag Ban for All Events

Following this summer’s overhaul to previous bag policy’s for spectators at Penn State Athletics events, the Bryce Jordan Center is also observing stricter standards for patrons at entertainment events, too.

While not as strict as the ban for Beaver Stadium and other athletics events, the new policies are a bit of an adjustment for years past and could pose an issue for events such as THON.

The new policy is as follows:

  • Backpacks as well as large bags/purses are not permitted in the Bryce Jordan Center
  • Guests with medical needs may bring necessary supplies in a clear, sealable one-gallon plastic bag
  • Parents with young children may bring small diaper bags to non-Athletics events
  • Guests are permitted to bring small clutch purses no larger than the size of their hand (or 4.5″ by 6.5″)
  • Guests are limited to one small purse and a single one-gallon plastic bag each

These rules only apply to non-Athletics events hosted at the Bryce Jordan Center. Patrons attending Men’s and Women’s Basketball and other sporting events must adhere to their bag policy outlined here.

At this point, THON has not announced how this policy will affect policies for THON 2014. Public Relations Director Dana Giacobello said that more information will be made available as THON Weekend draws nearer.

To read the full bag policy for the Bryce Jordan Center, visit their website.

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