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Author: Nick Johnson

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Nick Johnson

Nick is a junior majoring in IST (the Internet) and CAS (saying things). He hopes to one day get paid to do this, but for now he is willing to do it for the fame. Besides writing for Onward State, he also puts things on the Internet here.

Bands Playing During THON

While THON will be (for the most part) 46 back to back hours of music, one of the highlights are the live bands. This year's lineup is a good mix of THON veterans and newcomers. Check out the bands, and what you should know about them, after the jump.

UPUA Approves SHAG Week

When I agreed to cover this week's UPUA meeting, filling in for the illustrious Dan McCool, I was told this should be a short meeting. However, as I should have assumed, there was some lengthy debate on a few of the proposed resolutions, as UPUA representatives are wont to do.

In summary, here's what UPUA accomplished tonight:

  • Approved SHAG Week
  • Agreed to buy a stage
  • Slightly changed their bureaucratic structure
  • Decided to have a "not-about-tuition" rally in Harrisburg
  • Made me miss the mid-season premiere of Modern Family

Read on for a more detailed account of the meeting.

The Economics of Movie Theaters

Downtown State College has a lot to be proud of. We have great coffee shops, restaurants, and not just one, but two specialty cupcake stores. However, since 2007, there hasn't been a place to see a new movie on a Friday night.

For a town with 40,000 students, one might find it surprising that this is the case. We're supposed to be the biggest market for movies, with studios offering advanced screenings of major films for free. However, the Carmike Cinema 5, located where Chipotle now stands, wasn't able to stay profitable and closed on December 20, 2007.

Old Main Background in SNL Sketch About College Drug Bust

This weekend, as I was watching SNL, I though I noticed something familiar during a sketch about the Columbia University drug busts. Upon further inspection, I realized that our very own Old Main was being used in the background to represent the college campus. While it's great for Penn State to get some air time, I'm not sure whether I should feel offended or honored. Check out the sketch after the jump so you can make up your own mind.

A Field Guide to the Penn State Twitterati

If you haven't noticed, we're big fans of Twitter here at @OnwardState. For those of you who don't tweet, though, it might seem like a confusing mess of @'s and #'s, follows and re-tweets. Here's a guide to who of the Penn State Twitter community is worth following (in less than 140 characters).

Registrar Realizes It’s the 21st Century

In an effort to modernize Penn State's archaic course registration system, the Office of the University Registrar will be releasing a new and improved Schedule of Courses site on January 25. This change is long overdue, and there are some pretty cool features in the upcoming release.

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